Mossen Ferre Blanc

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This white wine from Terra Alta made primarily from Garnacha Blanca with a hint of Macabeo grapes is a refreshing and aromatic wine with a pale yellow color. Garnacha Blanca is known for its floral and citrus notes, while Macabeo is known for its fruity and fresh flavors.

On the nose, this white wine has an intense and complex aroma, with hints of white flowers, peach, pear, and citrus fruits. On the palate, it is light and lively, with a good balance of acidity and sweetness. The dominant flavors may include citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, and lime, with subtle hints of peach, apricot, and tropical fruits.

This wine has a medium to long finish, with a refreshing aftertaste that lingers on the palate. It can be a perfect pairing for seafood dishes such as grilled shrimp, oysters, or white fish, as well as creamy pasta dishes, cheeses and white meat as well as a lot of other dishes.

Overall, Our white wine made from Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo grapes from Terra Alta is a delightful and flavorful wine that showcases the unique terroir of this beautiful wine region in Catalonia, Spain.